Saturday, September 26, 2015

Four Things to Do Before Buying a Closet Organization System

Closet organization systems may seem expensive, but consider this: you use your closet multiple times, every day of your life. 

The cost of the system is more than made up for in the time saved in finding your clothes quickly. 

It also saves you money by allowing you to easily see what you have, so you won't waste money buying an item that you already own.

But first, before you go and buy an expensive system, do some closet therapy:

1. Remove clothes that could be stored elsewhere and store them there:  Place them in a dresser drawer, demote to a guest room closet, etc.

It may be cheaper to get a second hand dresser than buying a closet system.  If you have the room, this is a much easier system to set up. Just plop it down where you want it and fill it up. Shoes can go there too.

2. Throw some away. Harvest the buttons and make rags out of some, if you must, but dispose of them in some way.

3. Remove clothes that need mending. You aren't wearing them anyway. If the mending pile gets too big, refer to rule #2.

4. Give some away. Be careful here. It might make you feel better giving your junk away than actually putting it in the garbage can, but people don't want your trash. Don't make them do it for you. Try putting a box of the better stuff out for some college kids to pick through. Toss out what is left.

Still need room? OK, now get that system installed and begin enjoying the benefits of your new closet.

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